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Martha Rocío Lobo, was born in Bogotá-Colombia, graphic designer, photograph and jeweller with more than 15 years of professional experience, and who has found her career in modern jewellery design, combining non-conventional materials like fine tropical woods, natural fibres, snail’s nail and precious metal like gold and silver. The core of her designs aim at the importance of the materials, highlighting their natural characteristics joined to the color, which turns them into an original and innovating jewellry pieces.

Her work has earned honourable mentions in national professional contest such as: the II National Contest of Jewel Designers and Emeralds Cutters of the Chamber of Commerce Colombo-German in 2003; finalist in the contest “Steel Pencil” of the Colombian magazine "Project Design" in 2006, and winner of UNESCO Grand Award at the IV International Design Competition applied to craftwork in Colombia, granted by Artesanías de Colombia in Milan-Italy in 2005. Also She was the winner of the "Palo de Agua Award" to the best Product in the jewellery category, on the frame of the XXI Expoartesanías Exhibition of Bogotá in 2011. She was a founder member of “Plata a la Carta” group in Bogota in 2009.

She has some publications in Colombian magazines where her work is highlighted. She stands out her continuing participation in the Columbian Expoartesanías Exhibition since 2004, and in other similar events such as the Environmental Exhibition in Frankfurt (Germany) in 2009.